17 - 26 September 2021
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"Alright on the Night" directed by Phyl Peach:
This is a one act comedy play set in a  village hall. It is the dress rehearsal for the Downcot Players’ production, but  one stage exit has been blocked by the W.I. and the Stage Manager has  decided to concentrate on his acting. Not to mention the elderly actor who  wanders off altogether. 


"Tragic Days" directed by Rhonda Bartlett:

The constabulary are investigating the murder of John Wright.  His wife Minnie Wright is the main suspect.    The scene is set in the kitchen of the now abandoned farmhouse of John Wright, high in the Snowy River region. It has the appearance of an early settler’s house with a loft bedroom. It is a gloomy kitchen, left without being put in order. The story delves into the adversities of farming in the 1950's.

"Everything is Under Control" directed by Sarah-Beth Aldridge

This short, wonderfully funny, and very relatable play is about a modern family and the unexpected chaos that ensues as they get ready for school and work.

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Jack and the Beanstalk - Pantomime
1 - 16 January 2022

By Ben Crocker;  Dir by Leanne Cannon; Prod Mgr Lesley Youngs; 1st Asst Liana Kelly-Regan


A NEW, rollicking, good fun Panto for the holiday season, featuring a cast of lovable and nasty characters.  Based on the well known fable, this has twists and turns, laughter, and music for the whole family. 

Giants and villains confront a King a Princess and a cow.  Cockroaches threaten the cast as Jack fights bravely to free his love from the grip of the Giant with a bag of beans.

Friday 30th December - 7pm (Charity Night)

Saturday 1st -       2.00 & 7.00pm                     Wednesday 12th - 7.00pm

Sunday 2nd  -       2.00pm                                  Thursday 13th -    7.00pm

Wednesday 5th - 7.00pm                                   Friday 14th -         7.00pm

Thursday 6th -     7.00pm                                   Saturday 15th -   10.00am & 7.00pm

Friday 7th -           7.00pm                                   Sunday 16th -       2.00pm

Saturday 8th -     10.00am & 7.00pm

Sunday 9th -          2.00pm

NOTE:  Auditions will be held October 9 &10 13 &14.  See AUDITIONS