Jack and the Beanstalk - Panto - Oct 9/10 & 13/14

Audition Sessions for the Pantomime

    Sat Oct 9 @ 10.00am

Sun Oct 10 @ 1.00pm

Wed Oct 13 @ 5.00pm

Thur Oct 14 @ 5.00pm

Weld Theatre, Queen Street, Busselton.

JACK and the BEANSTALK by Ben Crocker
Directed by Leanne Cannon; Production Manager - Lesley Youngs; 1st Asst - Liana Kelly-Regan.

A rollicking great tale with music and mayhem, laughter and terror.  Giants and villains confront a King, a Princess and a cow.  Cockroaches threaten the cast as Jack fights bravely to free his love from the grip of the Giant with a bag of beans.

The Cast:  Includes The Giant, the King, the Princess Demelza, Jack, Simon, Slimeball, the Cow, Dame Trott, Cockroach Smith and Jones - and more.

Audition Session for THREE ONE ACT plays have been held.

Contact the directors for any additional roles through the Secretary. 

"ALRIGHT ON THE NIGHT" directed by Phyl Peach:
This is a one act comedy play set in a  village hall. It is the dress rehearsal for the Downcot Players’ production, but  one stage exit has been blocked by the W.I. and the Stage Manager has  decided to concentrate on his acting. Not to mention the elderly actor who  wanders off altogether.  
Fred Jackson. Caretaker of the Downcot village hall about 50-60. He is a down to-earth character with a willing personality until it comes to stage managing.  
Mavis Sotherton . Director of the Downcot Players. Age 50 plus. She easily  becomes frustrated trying to keep the Players in control.  
Lynda Swindale. Actress of some stature. Age 30-50. She is well turned out  and gives the appearance that she isn’t always comfortable with her fellow  thespians.  
Julian Withers. Pompous and over-the-top. Age 30 plus. He doesn’t feel very  comfortable in the presence of women due to his tendencies.  
Gladys Burton. 70 plus. Used to be good but now passed her sell by date.  Speaks and moves very slowly. Due to old age appears to be tired and tends to  doze.  
Bill Burton. Husband of Gladys . Approximately the same age and also speaks  and moves very slowly. In his younger days Bill was an escapologist. 
WPC Brown. A uniformed officer, at least 20 years old. A slightly mixed up  young policewoman who gets her wires crossed. 

 If you have any questions, or would like to book an audition slot, please email Phyl at .    "I am happy to answer any questions and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!"  


"TRAGIC DAYS" directed by Rhonda Bartlett:

"Tragic Days” has been adapted from Susan Glaspell play “Trifles” to suit an Australian farm landscape theme. "I would call this play a dark drama. "

The constabulary are investigating the murder of John Wright.  His wife Minnie Wright is the main suspect.    The scene is set in the kitchen of the now abandoned farmhouse of John Wright, high in the Snowy River region. It has the appearance of an early settler’s house with a loft bedroom. It is a gloomy kitchen and left without being put in order. The story delves into the adversities of farming in the 1950's. As the men search for evidence, the two ladies are left to locate clothing needed by Minnie Wight who has been detained in jail.      Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale are drawn together with the tragedy of the event and in time reveal to each other aspects of tragic events in their own past while attempting to support the integrity of Minnie Wright whom Mrs Hale considered life has betrayed her.


The script requires the two ladies to have skilled body language to convey the understanding of unexpected events. 

Characters: The play requires five cast members
Detective Henderson: Young - city dress- sardonic by nature could be M or F would just need a slight “jiggling” of the script.
(The following four could be any age but need to look, middle aged or older)
Henry Peters: Police Officer - middle age 
Lewis Hale: A neighbouring Farmer - middle age (includes 4 long orations)
Mrs Peters:  Police- wife -Middle age, slight wiry a thin nervous face
Mrs Hale:  Farmer’s wife –Middle age larger build
(The two ladies’ parts are emotionally demanding)

if you have any questions, or would like to book an audition slot, please email Rhonda at   "I am happy to answer any questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you."


"EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL" directed by Sarah-Beth Aldridge

This short, wonderfully funny, and very relatable play is about a modern family and the unexpected chaos that ensues as they get ready for school and work.

Rehearsals will be held at the Busselton Repertory Club and the show will be put on at the Weld Theatre.

Rehearsal times will be flexible, depending on the obligations of the cast and the availability of the stage.


From - Sarah-Beth Aldridge

I am looking for an awesome cast for a one act play – to be held in September – and directed by me.

Audition Details:

Date – 11th of July

Time – 1:30 onwards (audition slot will be given to you upon emailing me)

Location – Weld Theatre


Roz (Female, late 20s to 40 ish): Roz is the main character, she is a mother of two children in a middle-class suburban home, she has many monologues and must have the ability to do comedy.

Pete (Male, late 20s to 40 ish): Pete is a minor role, he is Roz’s husband and is a stereotypical version of a father that does nothing to help his wife with the kids.

Michael (Male, 14 ish): Michael is a 14-year-old boy who, whilst being very smart at school, lacks common sense, and drives his mother crazy because of it!

Anna (Female, 9 ish): Anna is pure innocence, she is very young, and is to be played in that manner, she doesn’t know what is happening a lot of the time but she tries to understand by asking a lot of questions. *note: because she is so young, and the play has slight swearing, the guardian will have to be ok with this, but is welcome to sit in for rehearsals*

If you have any questions, or would like to book an audition slot, please email me at I am happy to answer any questions and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!